A Visual Dictionary of
1000+ words

Illustrations of basic words in Bulgarian

commission by Educart International Association, working in the field of education for minorities and people who have an economic or mental disadvantage
A project for a visual dictionary with a 1000 words for primary school children in Bulgaria, who have a different maternal language than the one in which they're taught in school.

The brief for the illustrations was that they are easy to guess, intuitive, simple.
The words are in different categories: Nature and Seasons; Sport and Leisure; Food; Professions; Transport; City; Interiors and furniture; School; Emotions; and more.

Here is a selection of some illustrated words in the following order:

Garden, Mountain, Lake, Coast, Wave, Wind
Shadow, Sea, Beach, Sky, Fog, Snow
Hairdresser, Fireman, Dance, Hike, Park, River
Cake, Ice cream, Peach, Garlic, Cocoa, Dining room