First Line

Graphic design, illustrations, concept: Andrea Popyordanova
Edition of 120

The project was presented in an exhibition in KO-OP gallery, Sofia

First Line is a book, collecting every swimming pool built on the most desirable stretch of sand on the beach in a holiday resort.

In warm countries where the beach is accessible for recreation, first line refers to the prime, most desired location. It creates a tension between people and the use of this section of the landscape, and puts a high price on the coastline.

The book as a tool for presenting this research serves to slowly unravel the magnitude of the artificial pools with a view towards the sea. One after another they add up until they become sixty-five. Collecting these relics of touristic architecture is a statement for their existence and a snapshot of the time and space in which they are possible. The text throughout the book is original quotes from hotels' websites. Scattered in between the pools are drawings of the landscapes around the hotels, abandoned dunes, mini-golf playgrounds, fake rocks, discoballs ...

The project is about Sunny Beach, the biggest and most well-known beach resort on the Black Sea, originally created in the 1950's. Construction and urbanization of this area was carefully planned and under control until the 90's. After the Fall of Communism, the resort was privatized and pieces of it were distributed among many owners, who started building or reselling the land. In the 2000's the resort grew from 35 000 to 300 000 beds. The result of this today is a first line of 66 hotels, with 66 swimming pools, on a stretch of a little bit more than 4 kilometres.