Diaries in measured speech

Graphic design: Andrea Popyordanova
Text: Scriba
Publisher: Peat Nekogash | Olga Nikolova
Editor: Chinko Velkov
Edition of 300
Cover illustrations: John Ruskin


Photos©Boryana Pandova

Book design and layout for a poetry collection of three books called Diaries in measured speech by the poet Scriba. The books were published by the Bulgarian literature and poetry magazine Peat Nekogash. The design is in close collaboration with Olga Nikolova, the publisher and magazine’s founder.  

“Scriba's poetry seeks to accurately portray the natural rhythm of things. The rain falls slowly, the man naturally thinks in a rhytmic speech, though over time he has lost his ability to hear the deep rhythm of life. There are elements of the Eastern aesthetic of haiku in his poetry, but the style is authentically and inimitably Bulgarian.” [text from peatnekoga.com]

The idea of the layout was to convey simplicity, but also connection with the ordinary and simple beauty of the everyday. The graphic elements used to separate the poetic fragments and the chapters in each volume are drawings of seeds. 
At the same time, the concept for the book design was to create a set of books that would last in time, hence the hardcover with bookcloth and the box are an important part of the design.