From The Station

Graphic design: Andrea Popyordanova
Photography and idea: Olivier Tulliez
Concept and photo editing: Olivier Tulliez & Andrea Popyordanova
Edition of 150
sewn, soft cover

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photos of the book©PUK! platform for photobooks
Constellations From The Station is a project by Olivier Tulliez. It contains photos of close details of printed advertisements that take us on a journey through space.

A limited edition of 20 copies is hand-sewn and with a screen-printed cover.

Text by PUK! Platform for photobooks:

"Constellations From The Station is the first photobook by the French diplomat and photobook collector Olivier Tulliez.

"One day, while I was waiting on the metro platform, I looked at a poster, stepped into it and fell on the other side into a world of stars, black holes, stellar mists and comets. Since that day, every station that set the tempo of my daily routine has become a door of an endless universe of constellations", shares the author.

For five years Olivier takes the same route to his workplace and using his mobile phone he photographs closeups of the advertisements on the stations where he sets foot. In the book the metro train turns into a space shuttle, gradually creating a map of the planets on his journey."